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Say, How Am I Supposed to Understand You If…

We people with hearing loss are very fussy. Communication has to be just so, and if we don’t get it the way we want or need it, we can get grumpy. Especially if we’ve explained it a million times to someone before. We do go easier on strangers, but if they are challenged by our requests, our … Continue reading Say, How Am I Supposed to Understand You If…

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Telecoils Will Help You Hear – Yourself!

If I didn’t already have enough reasons to love the telecoils in my hearing aid and cochlear implant – I recently discovered another one. Telecoil and loop systems let me hear myself! As a public speaker and performer, I use the amplification system provided by the venue. Often, hearing my voice as it goes out to … Continue reading Telecoils Will Help You Hear – Yourself!

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At My Service!

Welcome to the 7th and final part of the Changing Cochleas blog series – my journey with a cochlear implant.   Service, as defined by online dictionaries, with my additions in italics: A valuable action, deed, or effort performed by a hearing care professional to satisfy a need or fulfill a demand by a person with hearing … Continue reading At My Service!

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Welcome to Part 6 of Changing Cochleas – my story of adopting a cochlear implant and the life that follows.   How’s my life going with a cochlear implant (CI)? Well, for starters—although I can’t speak for other recipients—it’s a lot LOUDER. All sounds are louder: the ones that I recognize as well as new ones … Continue reading Whazzat?

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IDHHC Speechreading Group, Nov 8, 2017

I’ll be speaking about Advocacy at Island Deaf & Hard of Hearing’s speechreading group led by Leslee Scott.

Hello Helsinki! October 2018

If you happen to be in Finland in October 2018…. Details to be confirmed, so watch for more information.

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  • "The deaf and hard of hearing have been invisible and unheard for too long. Unheard Voices is a wonderful, moving presentation that everyone should hear and see."

    Bev Biderman, Author, “Wired for Sound: A Journey Into Hearing”

  • "Gael gave me words for my feelings."


  • "This workshop changed lives. Kids who refused to wear hearing aids now wear them; students who refused to use the FM system now use it. They say they no longer feel alone."

    Teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students