Hear & Beyond: Live skillfully with hearing loss

Living well with hearing loss requires more than a hearing aid. Yet most of us don’t learn about the Big Picture at the start of our hearing loss journeys – a real-life illustration of how hearing loss, its emotions, and its barriers affect every corner of your life.

Hear & Beyond is the ultimate operating manual for people with hearing loss, written by hearing health advocates Gael Hannan and Shari Ebert. Their ground-breaking, skills-based approach is centered not on hearing better, but on communicating better.

With honesty and humor, Gael and Shari share their own hearing loss journeys, and help you discover Hearing Hacks to navigate all areas impacted by hearing loss, how to adopt an empowering mindset, and communication behaviors that can make almost any listening situation manageable.

Hear & Beyond offers a powerful way forward – whether  you’re new to hearing loss or have been living with it for a long time.


The Way I Hear It: A life with hearing loss

In The Way I Hear It, Gael Hannan takes readers on a witty and insightful journey into the life with hearing loss – at every age. Part memoir, part survival guide, The Way I Hear It is an insider account of the frustrations of communicating with hearing loss: pillow talk and other relationships, raising a child, in the classroom and on the job, hearing technology and the everyday things we like to do.

Gael offers advice on how to bridge the gap between consumer and professional in order to get the best possible hearing health care, as well as tips for effective communication, poetic reflections and humorous, poignant stories from the people she has met in her advocacy work throughout North America.  This is a book for people with hearing loss—but also for their families,friends and the professionals who serve them.


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