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When a HoH Meets a Pro

In the hearing loss world that I live in, there are HoHs and there are Pros:

HoH: Refers to a person who has hearing loss and who may also identify as hard of hearing, hearing-impaired, or hearing aid/cochlear implant user. (This term does not refer to all those affected by a person’s hearing loss, such as the moms and dads, life partners, children, and friends.)

Pro:  Refers to someone who works in a hearing healthcare field, such as an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist, but this category also can include an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor, hearing aid manufacturer, and/or an assistive technology sales rep.


…now that we’ve got that out of the way…


If you’re a HoH, you have most likely—hopefully—met a Pro by now. You made an appointment, walked through that door and sat down to discuss your hearing with this Pro. (Just asking, did you check out the certificates on the wall? You want to see something official hanging there, with more substance than proof-of-participation in an online hearing aid course.)

At every meeting with your Pro, there should be a two-way conversation, an exchange of information. The Pro will ask you questions about your lifestyle and your hearing loss has affected it. They’ll ask you—although not in these exact words—how you’re coping. She or he should explain the Big Picture of hearing loss—the things you need to know about your hearing that will help you move forward. At appropriate times, you’ll discuss different  communication strategies, including assistive technology.

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How Much Fun Was That?

This past June,  I was honoured to help open and close the joint convention of the Hearing Loss Association of America and the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People.

"When Yer Talking to a HoH"
“When Yer Talking to a HoH”
MC at HLAA Closing Banquet
MC at HLAA Closing Banquet


I Made the Cover!

I am honoured to be featured in the September/October 2016 issue of the Hearing Loss Association of America’s magazine, Hearing Loss. My article, Hearing Loss Isn’t Funny,  takes a look at what people consider humorous about communication challenges – and what isn’t.  

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