How to Talk to a Hard of Hearing Person (2016)

Posted on : October 4, 2016

Conversing with a hard of hearing person is much easier if you, the ‘hearing’ person, are aware of the hearing loss.

If you don’t know that the person you’re talking to has a hearing problem, you’re forgiven (somewhat0 for looking off into space as you prattle on, or mumbling, or putting your hands in front of your mouth. It’s understandable that you might speak softly, indistinctly, or use unconnected phrases with no verbs. And how could you possibly know that your facial expressions and body language should match your actual words?

Here’s a little quiz.

What chance of success do these two people share?

A blindfolded, first-time archer trying to hit the bulls-eye from 100 feet.  

A hard of hearing person trying to understanding all your words when you’re facing away, chewing gum, or not moving your lips.

Answer: The success rate for both would be approximately zilch, nada, zero-ish.

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