I Dreamt I Had Hearing Loss!

I woke up with a shock the other morning. Actually, the shock didn’t happen right away, because I was thinking about my cool dream of being interviewed for a position as nanny for Justin Trudeau’s kids. (For those not up on Canadian politics, Justin is our Prime Minister.)   The jolt came when I realized … Read more

Hanging Out with the HoHs

There’s nothing like an intimate gathering of 150 people with hearing loss. A little bit on the noisy side, but that’s what exhilaration sounds like: people—whose sole, mutual goal is to communicate—connecting to and understanding what’s being said, regardless of who’s saying it. I’ve almost completed 72 hours of recovery from the Canadian Hard of … Read more

Sneaky Tricks to Hear Un-Hearable Sounds

Oh my, those people with hearing loss!  Always going on about how we can’t hear this and we can’t hear that, wailing over the sounds missing in action, like the almighty “S” in speech or breezes in the bushes. One of the bitterest pills of hearing loss is that even if we use assistive technology and … Read more

The Ecstasy of Seeing the Words

It’s hard to describe.  It’s hard to adequately describe how necessary captioning is to people with hearing loss.  If we don’t have it when we need it – when we watch TV, go to the movies, attend a lecture –  it’s not like eating cake without the icing—it’s like having no food at all! Click here … Read more