How’s my life going with a cochlear implant (CI)? Well, for starters—although I can’t speak for other recipients—it’s a lot LOUDER. But at only 32 days since activation, most familiar sounds bear little resemblance to how I hear them acoustically through my hearing aid. The voices of strangers sound curiously alike, as if they’re crying … Read more

I Dreamt I Had Hearing Loss!

I woke up with a shock the other morning. Actually, the shock didn’t happen right away, because I was thinking about my cool dream of being interviewed for a position as nanny for Justin Trudeau’s kids. (For those not up on Canadian politics, Justin is our Prime Minister.)   The jolt came when I realized … Read more

The Joy of Writing (About Hearing Loss)

As I was working on the final draft of my new book,  my writing room changed frequently—from our home office to the front seat of the truck pulling our camper through the mountains, at the camper’s dining table as deer munched on grass 20 feet away, in the cottage while  everyone else was out in … Read more