The Joy of Writing (About Hearing Loss)

As I was working on the final draft of my new book,  my writing room changed frequently—from our home office to the front seat of the truck pulling our camper through the mountains, at the camper’s dining table as deer munched on grass 20 feet away, in the cottage while  everyone else was out in the sun.  The Hearing Husband would tactfully push me into my daily writing with, “So, what time are you writing this afternoon? I’ll go for a walk.”  Then of course I had to do it, because I couldn’t say “I’m not going to write today” without a good reason. Laziness wasn’t an acceptable excuse, nor was having to feed the baby, who was now 18 and capable of getting the spoon to his mouth all by himself.  Or, if he felt I’d been working too hard for too long, hunched over my laptop, he would try to divert my attention.  Driving through Yellowstone National Park:

Look honey, there’s a bear!”

Me (looking up): “Is it Yogi Bear?”

“No, it’s a grizzly! On the hill looking for berries!”

Me (back at computer): “Grizzly, shmizzly. When you see Yogi and Boo Boo, let me know.”

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